16 January 2015

moss is boss

Queen of cool, Kate Moss celebrates another year of her fashionable existence today. Pay homage by snagging yourself a Topshop-copy of this yellow chiffon dress circa 2004, (while it's still available) à net-a-porter.

05 January 2015


Forget Marsala, pastel pink is the color of 2015. 

Une très bonne année à tous ! 

09 April 2014

My mom says

After many months of hiatus, this blog is back and hopefully better than ever, bringing you a slew of fun new time-wasters, thanks be to the internet.

First up, a hilarious and girl-powered podcast entitled, Stuff Mom Never Told You. In partnership with How Stuff Works, SMNTY (the groups' self-created acronym) has amassed an unending archive, covering numerous topics. Browse the archives and stream your heart out.

Shocking as it may seem, they cover more than just dude-related issues. These are just like, super interesting and definitely update automatically and were not at all cherry-picked by me in a moment of weakness. Definitely not.

The hilarious American-duo also make videos on a range of light-hearted subjects including, "How much cologne is too much cologne," and "Why are kids obsessed with fire?"

(But really, why are they?!) 

Picks o' the week:

Extra credit to those who know what the Dark Triad is.

04 September 2013

11 August 2013


July was a music-less month of working in Normandy, so this month's offering is full of good songs. Discoveries from a few new favorites : French groups Chateau Marmont,  La Femme,  plus a bad-ass (too cool for spotify) Interpol cover from Azealia Banks, seen below. 

And now for the rest.


23 July 2013


18 months in Paris and my accent is getting...better. Slowly.

Visual learners should grab a copy of French Slanguage, a hilariously simple way to master the basics. 


28 June 2013


Paris is divided into 20 arrondisements, each with it's own special style and type of resident. I used to get drunk and cry about the fact that calling the 16e home meant I was doomed to a life of side-stepping around old ladies walking their dogs and navigating trotinette-ridden sidewalks, while my other friends who called the 3e and 11e home could claim cool bars and new boutiques as their daily flow. 

While our only landmark may be the marble stretch called Trocadero, over-run with overpriced crepe stands and obnoxious key-chain vendors, the video is good for a laugh, and frightening accurate as a depication of Paris.


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